This is Sonoma County, a place where I love to live and work. Most of it will be real estate related–I am a Realtor after all, and blessed to have exploring and discovering as part of my job description. Some will be just life in this beautiful place…the sites, wineries, restaurants, cool little out of the way shops, quirks and fun things that I find in the course of my everyday treks. There will be Day Trip ideas and itineraries too. I hope you like it and that you will get something unexpected out of this blog.

Sonoma County is just 60 miles from one of the best cities in the world…San Francisco. It is drop dead gorgeous and knows it, and enjoys it. The undulating contours of its voluptuous hills are best appreciated towards sunset when the maximum play of light and shadow bring out the curves of rolling hills above velvet pastures. There is just about everything here including a LOT of cows. (Remember the Happy Cows from the ad? Well, this is where they live–standing around in aforementioned velvet pastures). Any day spent in Sonoma County is a good day!!!

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